08/31/2016 As our clients are aware, Marketing Automation is a “word of mouth” based business which receives no business from outside advertising or exposure of any kind. This is due to the fact that we set the highest of standards of quality for the services we offer. Unfortunately, high quality means we do not have unlimited resources for unlimited new customers. Effective immediately Marketing Automation will temporarily not be accepting any new clients unless approved by MA management. We are working on securing more web designers and optimization experts that meet our standards. We plan on having the additional infrastructure completed by 4th quarter of 2016. We would like to let our current customers know that we have completed our strategic arrangement with Amazon. Now with the direct utilization of their Network Backbone, we can offer unparalleld quality of service. Best of all for our customers we completed the transition from our already fast dedicated servers to the new Amazon based private CPU’s with absolutely no downtime to any of our customer sites. As of the 2nd quarter of 2016 we have now deployed sites to our new Content Delivery Network.  This coupled with Amazon’s private CPU’s has given us the ability to offer some of the fastest page load times in the country.  We have also per our customer requests almost completed our new texting portal and ticketing system portals. These are in the late beta stages.  We plan on having the additional infrastructure and portals completed by 4th quarter of 2016. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please fill out the form below to reserve your spot in the order. Thank you again for your understanding and we greatly appreciate you thinking of Marketing Automation. Sincerely, John M. Hein President

If are an existing client, please contact your dedicated support specialist or call 855-400-8398.  You can also fill out the form below. If you are a perspective new client that was referred to us, please call 847-457-4050 or fill out the form below.

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